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Representing the 16 member stations, IPBS is the portal for project partners and prospective partners to connect with all Indiana public broadcasters. IPBS represents a remarkably powerful tool to reach the entire state and beyond. For example:
  • Engage Indiana's PBS television and NPR radio stations as a statewide resource and partner to deliver project support in:
    • Education
    • Arts & Culture
    • Tourism
    • Economic Development
    • Public Service
    • Programming for broadcast and non-broadcast
  • Reach the entire state, or selected regions with your corporate message via IPBS. Underwriting contracts for statewide or multiple station buys are arranged through the IPBS office. Contact IPBS 
  • Connect with award winning video and audio production services in your region. Contact Barbara Duke Sams 

Education Support
IPBS members engage in an array of educational support projects throughout the state. A sample selection is listed below.

  • TeacherLine provides accredited in-service training for professional K-12 educators.
  • Ready to Lead In Literacy delivers training, materials and support for early childhood education providers.
  • Parenting Counts delivers workshops, training and materials to support sound parenting skills.
  • GED On TV is broadcast via IPBS TV stations in partnership with GED On TV, Muncie, Indiana.
  • Award-winning virtual field trips are delivered to Indiana schools, libraries and beyond.
  • IPBS stations are THE SOURCE for high quality, audience engaging documentaries, performance, news, information, how-to and children’s programs.
Field Productions
Learning Services